Are you pregnant and concerned about our current pandemic situation and what it means for you? I promise that you are not alone in your uncertainty and desire to find all the most up to date and evidence-proven information available.

If you are wanting all of the most up-to-date information from the top worldwide sources, we highly recommend checking out Evidence Based Birth and the information Dr Dekker has compiled there. Please take your time, and if you need help wading through any of it, speak with your midwife or doctor about it. Also, doulas, childbirth educators, and other birth professionals are also doing their best to stay on top of the information as it is ever-changing.

If you are considering staying out of the hospital, therefore looking for a homebirth midwife here in South Dakota, you can find links to lists of licensed CPMs and CNMs here in SD here.

If you will be giving birth soon, you should check with your hospital (not just your provider) if they will allow a visitor (your birth partner), and your doula. If they don’t allow doulas, many doulas are now offering virtual services. You can find South Dakota doulas here. Please contact them to find out what your options are – having a doula can be very grounding and reassuring during a tumultuous time such as this.

We are all in this together, and we at SD Birth Matters want to ensure you all have the best information available so you can make the best decisions for yourselves.

Remember: You were made to give birth, and you will make it through this. There IS support available, even if it may look a little different than it would have before the pandemic hit. You’ve got this!!

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