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Click here to buy shirts!

Click here to buy shirts!

Out of hospital birth is on the rise across the country and in South Dakota.  Unfortunately the midwives who specialize in out of hospital birth (Certified Professional Midwives) no longer practice in South Dakota since the state does not recognize their practice and has prosecuted and jailed them for assisting families. That is a big problem.

The Department of Health revealed during this year’s session that Certified Nurse Midwives (who are highly skilled midwives who primarily practice in the hospital setting) only attended 56% of South Dakota’s planned home births, leaving a large percent of home birth families with no access to care.  That is a big problem.

South Dakota Birth Matters is committed to solving these problems by working to change our midwife laws. This year the legislature came very close to passing our bill to license Certified Professional Midwives.  We are working harder than ever to craft a bill that will set up an independent board of midwives that can license Certified Professional Midwives, so that all families will have access to the care provider of their choice.

Your purchase of t-shirts and donations will go to our Midwife Regulatory Fund which will be used to set up a South Dakota Board of Midwives as soon as it is approved by the legislature.  Thanks so much for your help!

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