Birth Matters Video Contest

Birth Matters Video Contest

$1,600 IN PRIZES

Entry Deadline is March 31, 2014

In our high tech world, birth has become more and more medicalized.  While everyone agrees that lowering the number of mothers and babies dying around the time of birth is of utmost importance, there is plenty of disagreement on how to achieve that goal.  There is so much more to birth than mere survival.

Your challenge is to create a video (less than 5 minutes long) that explains “Why Birth Matters”.  We are looking for videos that communicate the benefits of positive birth experiences, the challenges of negative experiences, and how improving these experiences can benefit our whole society.

Communicate to the world why birth is such an important event in the life of the individual, the family and our society and why all of us should take an interest in assuring that the full spectrum of evidence-based birth options are available to families.

First read through the official rules here.


  1. Come up with a video of no more than 5 minutes that communicates “Why Birth Matters”.  Shoot it with your video camera, your digital camera, your cell phone.
  2. Edit your video
  3. Upload your video to YouTube and enter it in our contest using this form.

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