Birth Matters

Why does birth matter?

Birth matters because the way a child comes into the world, sets the stage for their entire life.  Optimizing the birth experience gives babies and their parents the best opportunity to thrive as families.  Birth challenges can effect breastfeeding and bonding and have long term physical, financial and emotional effects.
Does birth matter to you?
Do you believe in putting as much time into researching your birth options as you would put into a consumer purchase such as buying a house or a car?  We all want babies and mothers to get the best care possible, which means different things to different families.
What is most important to YOUR family?  Is it available in South Dakota?
Are you looking for evidence-based care or are you satisfied with care based on medical precedence?  Are you aware that many procedures commonly used in US births have been proven harmful by the scientific research?
Do you know the c-section rate at your hospital…..of your care provider?  Is your hospital designated as Baby-Friendly?  Have you put your preferences into a birth plan and discussed it with your care provider?  Are you willing to change care-providers, if your first choice isn’t a good fit for your needs?
Until consumers start demanding more scientific birth choices, the system will continue to put procedures benefiting hospitals ahead of the needs of families.
South Dakota Birth Matters believes families should have the same birth options that are working well in other states and countries and true informed consent.    We encourage all families to know their options and demand evidence-based care…because in the “heart” ofSouth Dakota …Birth Matters.
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