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Debbie’s Story

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The Birth of Our Daisy Girl
By Debbie Pease, Centerville, SD

First published in Birth Blessings Messenger August 2007

When I woke up that morning I told my unborn baby that it was a great day to be born – of course I had been saying this everyday for at least the last two weeks. It was May 31st – 3 days past our due date and it really was a beautiful spring morning. I had a few light contractions when I got up, but nothing different than I had been feeling off and on for weeks. We had an appointment later that morning with our midwife, so I had a quick breakfast and took a shower. By the time I came out of the shower my contractions had really picked up and I told Quint he had better call the midwife and tell her to bring all her stuff to the appointment. This was to be our first home birth and I was very excited and a little nervous. We decided on a home birth because our last labor had lasted only 3 hours and we were concerned about having this baby in the car.

I was so glad we had made the decision to stay home as Quint made phone calls summoning those who would be at our birth. Taking care of the children that morning (our 3 ½ year old twins and our 18 month old) and getting a meal in the crock pot were wonderful distractions from the discomforts of my labor.

When our midwife arrived she checked the baby’s heart rate and my blood pressure. Everything was fine but I was very uncomfortable lying down, so I spent most of my labor moving around the house tiding up and visiting with the friend who had come to watch the children. Our midwife noticed when I started to get really uncomfortable and showed Quint how to put pressure on my lower back. She even had a bag of rice she heated in the microwave to add some heat. That felt wonderful! It was like the pain was instantly cut in half.

About 3 ½ hours after I had taken the shower that morning I told everyone that I thought we should move up to the bedroom where we planned to have the birth. It was not easy for me to get up the stairs at this point, but with Quint’s help, I made it.

At this point I asked our midwife to check my cervix to see how we were doing. This was the first & only pelvic exam of this pregnancy. When she told me that I was completely dilated and could push when ever it felt right, I just couldn’t believe it. It just seemed too easy compared to my previous births.

Tears of joy streamed down my face and I just praised the Lord in my heart!

I tried several positions before I found one that felt right for pushing. I ended up in a kneeling position and it didn’t take long before the baby’s head was crowning and we were calling up the twins to be part of the birth. We had prepared them by watching some birthing videos together and talking about what would happen. They squealed with delight as the baby’s head emerged and shouted “It’s a girl!” A couple more good pushes proved them right, and we all “oohed” and “aahed” over the newest edition to our family.

She began nursing almost immediately and soon the placenta arrived and we had a nice bath together. After we were snuggled up in bed, Quint brought me a wonderful bagel sandwich. It was just about noon, the birds were singing and just outside our window was a beautiful bed of daisies in full bloom. Quint’s parents had arrived and took our other children for a walk to the bakery. We just savored those precious moments together with our beautiful little daisy girl.

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